At Bull Metal Products, Inc we specialize in custom metal fabrication of cabinets, enclosures, and boxes. We primarily work with cold rolled steel, stainless steel, galvanized/galvannealed steel, and aluminum. Our almost 60 years of custom sheet metal fabrication experience allows us to provide sheet metal products and services to a variety of different industries for a wide range of applications from custom tool boxes and small parts organizers, to control panel and electro-mechanical enclosures, annunciator panels, chassis, etc. 

Sheet Metal Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Bending
  • Cutting
  • Forming
  • Welding
  • Powder Coating
  • Screen Printing
  • Assembly
  • Packaging
  • Shipping
custom metal manufacturing


Quality Management System

Our custom metal fabrication expertise can provide you with products that not only meet our own high standards for quality but the standards from organizations such as NEMA, NFPA, NSCA, SME, and UL. From design to metal fabrication, our team of fabrication experts manages every step of the manufacturing process; This direct management of all processes assures our complete control of production scheduling and quality control, assuring high quality products delivered on time.

Bending, Cutting, Forming, Welding

In addition to our sheet metal fabrication capabilities, we also have expertise in the fabrication of rigid wire and light guage tubing products. Wire and tubing products are typically fabricated with cold rolled steel. Custom sheet metal products are produced from flat stock, or coil stock. Computer numeric controlled (CNC) equipment allows for production of precision component parts. We can create precision blanks with either our CNC shears and punch presses, or one of our CNC turret presses. Higher volume jobs can be hard tooled to be run on one of our coil production lines. All sheet metal parts take shape by being formed with one of our eight CNC brake presses. Our tube bending equipment allows us to bend virtually any shape in either round or square light gage tubing. Parts are typically joined together with some type of welding process We are experienced professionals in MIG welding, TIG welding, and resistance welding (spot-welding).

Finishes & Screen Printing Printing

Our service does not end with custom metal fabrication. Our in-house powder coating process allows for the application of a durable powder coated finish available in a wide array of stock colors, with the option of custom matching to any desired color. Many products are screen-printed with our customer’s company name/logo, product name, part number, etc, for a professional permanent manner of private labeling.


We also provide partial or full mechanical assembly services allowing for a complete turn-key solution for your procurement process. From 50 pieces to 50,000 pieces, you’ll get the same personalized customer service, fast turnaround, and quality products. To learn more about all of our capabilities contact us directly.


The process begins with a request for a quote. Our engineering staff then designs the product the customer or our customer provides a technical drawing. After approving the design, we fabricate a sample prototype for customer approval. We then move on to fabrication.

We source the necessary materials required for the specified job. We cut, form, weld, wash, PEM (if necessary), prepare for powder coating, powder coat, screen print (if necessary), pack and ship to our customers.  

Manufacturing Process

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Manufacturing Equipment

(2) Shears: Our facility houses two high-performance shears, designed to handle a wide range of cutting tasks. Our shears allow us to cut through even the toughest of metals swiftly and cleanly, ensuring strict adherence to dimensions and top-quality for all of our sheet metal products.

(13) Punch Presses: Our inventory of machinery includes 13 punch presses, delivering power varying from 10 tons to 100 tons. This ensures precision-led performance to accommodate various thicknesses and material types, thus allowing versatile metal cutting, shaping, and forming.

(2) Coil Lines: The two coil lines we house are ideal for hard-tooled moderate to high production volumes. They are designed to handle large production runs smoothly, thereby ensuring maximum efficiency while delivering consistent quality.

(2) CNC Turret Presses: Our sophisticated CNC turret presses are precision-oriented, helping us to perform complex actions with relative ease. They allow us to achieve high-speed production while maintaining accuracy and repeatability to meet stringent quality standards.

Wire Straightener and Cutting Machine: Our wire straightener and cutting machine transforms wire rolls into straight, uniformly cut lengths. This enables streamlined progress for a wide variety of fabrication processes.

(2) Single Head Wire Benders and (1) Double Head Wire Bender: Our wire bending machines offer high-end performance to ensure neat and precise bending. They facilitate the formation of complex shapes and patterns, making them indispensable for customized metal projects.

(1) Tube Bender: Our Tube Bender is designed to create smooth, repeatable turns and bends, with precise execution, providing the versatility needed in creating a spectrum of tube-based designs.

(8) Press Brakes: We operate eight powerful press brakes, valid for accomplishing various bending and folding tasks. These robust machines contribute to a high degree of precision, efficiency, and flexibility.

(3) PEM Insertion Machines: Our facility includes three PEM insertion machines. They are designed to automatically feed and insert PEM fasteners into sheet metal, ensuring rapid production and high-quality outcomes.

(4) Rivet Machines: We operate four state-of-the-art riveting machines to securely fasten various pieces of metal together. These machines are critical for automotive, construction, and aviation applications, among others.

(14) Resistance Welders (Spot Welders): Our fourteen-resistance welders are engineered for spot welding applications. They guarantee consistent, high-quality welds, maintaining the integrity of the workpiece and ensuring excellent end results.

(3) Multi-Head Resistance Welders: With three multi-head resistance welders, complex and large projects can be handled with ease. They help in maintaining efficiency and quality simultaneously for each welding task.

(2) Butt Welders: Our shop floor boasts two hardworking butt welders, essential for creating strong and efficient welds at the end of two metal pieces without using any filler metals.

MIG & TIG Welders: Our facility is fully equipped with high-quality MIG and TIG welders for specialized welding needs. These allow us to take on a wide range of projects, merging their distinctive capabilities to deliver top-notch quality on every job.


Manufacturing Equipment

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