Custom Design & Fabrication Of Metal Cabinets & Enclosures For Use In The Medical Industry.

custom medical cabinets

Custom Designed Medical Cabinets: Available Features

Available features include cold rolled steel construction, solid metal doors, locks, keys, double wall doors, digital electronic locks, interior shelves, adjustable shelves, piano style door hinges, powder coat finish, screen printing and more.

First aid cabinets

65 Years Experience Designing & Fabricating Medical Cabinets & Enclosures.

From concept & design to fabrication, Bull Metal makes the highest quality metal cabinets and enclosures. Bull Metal adheres to the highest industry standards. Capabilities include: cutting, forming, welding, powder coating, screen printing and packaging.

Flameable Materials Cabinet

Bull Metal’s Focus On Customer Service

Our customer service sets us apart from the rest. You can be assured that you always know where your product is in the production process and be confident that your product will get to you on time

Medical lock boxes

Experts In Creating The Following Products:

  • Medical Cabinets
  • Medical Bins
  • Medical Drop Boxes
  • Keyless Entry Cabinets
  • Medical Storage Cabinet
  • Wall Cabinet
  • Dispensing Cabinet
  • Medical Drug Case
  • Bleeding Control Station Cabinet
  • Narcotic Cabinets
  • Narcotic Cabinet With Lock
  • Narcotic Cabinet With Digital Lock
  • Drug Return Boxes
  • Medical Lock Boxes
  • First Aid Cabinets
  • Trauma Kit Enclosures
  • First Responder Cabinets
  • Medical Dispenser Cabinets
  • Medical Waste Disposal Boxes
  • Material Handling Cabinets
  • Chemical Cabinets
  • Flammable Material Cabinets
  • Pharmaceutical Cabinets
  • Bleeding Control Station Cabinet
  • Medical Trauma Kit Enclosures
  • Hospital Dispenser Cabinets
  • Medical Waste Disposal Boxes

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